3 Weekend Getaway Ideas in Victoria

Are you looking for weekend getaway ideas in Victoria?

Well, Victoria is a great place to visit with plenty of attraction sites for the discerning adventurer looking for a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, being spoilt for choice can also make it difficult to choose which places to visit. That’s why in this article, we have put together a quick review to help you find some weekend escapes you can take in Victoria, not too far from Melbourne. 

Take On the Great Ocean Road Drive

Top Attractions on The Great Ocean Road: 12 Apostles, Lavers Hill, Johanna, Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek, Melba Gully, Cape Otway Lighthouse, The Great Otway National Park.


The Great ocean road is certainly one of the most scenic road trips you can take in Australia whether you’re are a local or a tourist. Stretching at 250 kilometres, you can bet it is one long drive to finish on a short weekend, but you can still enjoy a portion of what this exciting road trip has got to offer.

Starting from Melbourne, the Great Ocean road will take you along some of the most iconic stops along the way. Some of the top attraction spots you will love include the likes the Apostle, The Apollo Bay, The Grotto, Bells Beach, Airs Inlet, Lavers Hill, London Arch and The Bays Of island to name a few.

It isn’t just a great drive for sightseeing, there some fun things to do along the way as well. You can stroll along the sandy beaches, surf at places like Bells Beach in Torquay and Apollo Bay, see some wildlife at the Otway National Park, get to learn a thing or two about historic towns like Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and Portland and much more!

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Adventure through Beech Forest 

Top Attractions in Beech Forest: Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, Triplet Adventures, Hopetown Falls, Beachamp Falls, Aire Crossing


If you are a fan of hiking then you can move inwards from the Great Ocean road and explore the best of  Beech Forest. This is a town located some 43 kilometres south of Colac and it is known for its history in Potato farming, waterfalls and some of Otway’s most fascinating drives.

If you aren’t afraid of heights then you can visit the Otway Fly Treetop adventures for a magnificent Tree Top Walk and Zip Line Tour. It is a great way to get a bird’s view and feel of the ever beautiful rainforest. Still, it is not the only attraction to look forward to in Beech Forest. You can explore other attraction sites like the Triplet Falls, Little Aire Falls, Old Beech Rail Trail, California Redwoods and Turtons Tracks.

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Explore Forest, Victoria 

Top Attractions in Forest Victoria: Lake Elizabeth, Run Forrest Trail, Forrest Brewery, Forrest Yaugher MTB Trailhead, Otway Odyssey MTB. 


Forrest is a small township in the Otway ranges but it’s also a great place to visit for a weekend trip. It is the home to some of best biking and bush walking trails, cafes, restaurants, the famous Forrest brewery just to name a few. This perhaps explains why Forrest is fast growing as a hub for those in love with food and adventure in Victoria.

There are definitely lots of fun things to do in Forrest. You could self-guided rail trail walking tours, go on special fungi tours, do bird-watching walks not to mention that you might also get a chance to see other local wildlife like the koalas, platypus, kangaroos etc. Depending on the season, you can also indulge in some local festivals particularly mountain bike and trail run events. Forrest is also the entryway to Lake Elizabeth, which is also worth exploring.

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Where To Stay For A Weekend Getaway in Victoria

If you are out on a weekend getaway in any of the attraction sites around the Great Ocean Road, then why not stay at our farm?  We have stylish accommodation perfect for families, or couples on a romantic getaway in Victoria. In fact, we have two luxurious accommodation options to pick from. You can choose our well-furnished private room that comes with a spa bath. Alternatively, we also have a spacious self-contained two bedroom bungalow that includes a kitchen, a BBQ and outside furniture for you to relax.

Our farm sits on a beautiful 16 acre space that is perfect for unwinding at after a long day out exploring. Accommodation aside, you can take a walk around the farm and interact with our farm animals (cows and horses in particular).

To book a room or find out more, contact us on (+61) 0417 118 432 or make an enquiry here.



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